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Who is Canopy Breezes? What is TheCAMP? Why do I need one?

Canopy Breezes is a company that manufactures and sells innovative products for tailgating, camping, and other outdoor activities. It was started in 2012 by a group of guys that love the outdoors, but quite frankly miss the benefits of the indoors once we step out of the house. We saw a need, asked a lot of questions, and found out that we were not alone. That is when we started thinking of products that would make those of us camping in a field or tailgating right next to a field feel a little more at home. That's how our slogan came about.

Canopy Breezes, we are "bringing the comforts of indoors outdoors."

Presently we are providing our customers with two patented and unique products. For those that do not want to miss the game on television while tailgating and those who wish to watch a movie while camping we have brought to the market TheCAMP. This made in U.S.A. quality piece of equipment will allow anyone to set up their flat screen television in a manner never before seen and do it safely and quickly. No more putting the television on a table. That's where the food goes!

The benefits of TheCAMP do not stop there. TheCAMP is a bracket that universally connects to your canopy tent and hold up to a 40' flat screen up to 20lbs. at the perfect height, out of the way, and is adjustable. Hopefully this will keep those who in the past would have just stayed on the couch outside a lot longer. TheCAMP is unique also in the fact that it make your flat screen television portable. In only a few seconds, our product can be removed transferred back to the house and set up there using our AnchorsAway brackets. On a post by the pool, on the wall by the grill, or even above the mantel in the den, in seconds your flat screen is back home at its home base.

We will continue to bring more products to the market over the next couple of years all designed to keep you outdoors as much as possible, but as comfortable as possible.

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