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AnchorsAway Brackets™

The AnchorsAway™ brackets by Canopy Breezes™ are key components to turning TheCAMP™ into the most versatile television mounting bracket ever invented. Once the tailgate or camping expedition is over, your flatscreen can return to your home and quickly be remounted onto any interior or exterior wall.

AnchorsAway™ brackets are manufactured in weather resistant, black anodized aluminum. The brackets can be screwed into any outdoor brick wall, indoor studded wall, or post by the pool or grill. The brackets are available in two different angles, 90 or 45 degrees. This allows you to choose whether your 27"- 40" flatscreen extends straight out from its mounted position or angles to the left or right 45 degrees. When ordering, please check the box to specify which pair of AnchorsAway™ brackets we need to ship to your home. Our 90 degree brackets extend your flatscreen straight out from the wall, while our 45 degree brackets allow the screen turned to be turned 45 degrees to the left or to the right.